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Industrial Plastics

We offer our clients full-service in our disciplines on a project basis or in long-term maintenance concepts. Industrial plastic pipe systems are a discipline that completes the AQ-Group range. Our pipeline supply consists of various kinds of plastic. The industrial plastics team is fully certified and can process all brands and types of industrial plastics. Our specialists design, prefab and install these industrial plastic systems for you.


Advantages of plastic pipe systems:

  • Plastic pipe systems are interesting from an economic perspective.
  • Processing of plastics is specialized work. Our technicians and project leaders are fully certified for the most common plastics.
  • Processing by means of gluing or welding (fusing).
  • Light in weight, this gives advantages regarding transportation and handling.
  • Support structures can be executed lighter (cheaper).
  • Plastic has excellent insulation.
  • Less susceptible to corrosion, no shell stress in the pipeline.
  • A smooth culvert and therefore less friction loss.
  • Less wear from abrasive fluids.

GRE pipes
Fully certified, AQ-Projects processes all brands and products of GRE. Perfect for sewers, road drainage, drinking water, gas and industrial applications. For years, GRE has been an economical addition to the overall pipeline package.

PP Pipes
PP pipes (Polypropylene) are chemically resistant (among others to hydrochloric acid, hydrogen-fluoride and lye). Because of this, PP pipes are widely used in the chemical industry.

HDPE Pipes
Our experts design, manufacture and install systems constructed from the temperature-resistant and impact resistant HDPE material. HDPE has a long service life because of slow aging.

PVC is chemically resistant, but has limited UV-resistance and has a cold brittleness below +5 ° C. Proper selection of PVC makes it a good and efficient solution for many applications.

In any plastic pipe system there are spherical plugs, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, solenoid valves, non-return valves and filters, etc. We obviously complete our offer with the proper selection and installation of these components.



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