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"Game-Changing Technologies"

At AQ-STOS we excel at providing special services that are essential to the efficient operation of heavy process-oriented industries such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, mines, cement works, utilities and dairy companies. Each service is customised to solve a specific client problem. We plan and asses the project, gaining a detailed understanding of the work scope and critical path. As part of quality planning, specific inspection and test plans are established. Detailed hazard analysis assessments are completed to maximise safety. The work is executed by integrated multi-skilled teams which, because of their efficiency, minimise downtime achieving significant savings for clients. After each project is completed, we conduct a thorough debriefing to identify further improvements and cost savings.

AQ-STOS is specialized in:


Spark erosion
The fastest, safest and most precise way of removing broken and/ or seized bolts, nuts, drills, thread taps out of any equipment, without damaging the bolt hole or surroundings, and without heat transfer to the surrounding material. More precise and up to 5 times faster than conventional drilling and milling techniques, which means less down-time for your plant or equipment, effectively raising your plant’s efficiency.

Dry Ice blasting
Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly, effective and waste-saving alternative to traditional cleaning methods. Dry ice (solid, pressed CO2) is sprayed onto the object to be cleaned with a blasting gun and the contamination is removed as a result. The ice evaporates entirely and just the dirt is left behind. This makes dry ice blasting an extremely environmentally friendly cleaning method; when traditional cleaning methods are used, the dirt mixes with the blasting agent (grit, sand, water) and this leads to a high degree of waste.

Dry Fin Fan Cleaning
As an alternative method AQ-STOS developed sodium blasting for the cleaning of induced and forced draft ACHE. For induced draft ACHE’s this can be carried out fully online. For forced draft ACHE’s it is required for the fan to be stopped. However, the product can continue to flow during cleaning irrespective of its temperature. The blasting medium (NaHCO3 ) is non hazardous and water soluble (pH 8.4 - approx). The consumption of blasting medium is very low. The blasting medium is applied with the use of a hand-held lance.



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