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We recommend you to conduct the cleaning of your air coolers using AQFIN dry cleaning system.
An alternative method of fin fan cleaning for air cooled heat exchanger fins is to use compressed air in conjunction with AQFIN powder. This is applied under pressure to air fins using a system similar to that found in shot blasting equipment.

The theory behind this fin dry cleaning system is as follows;

The AQ dry chemical cleaning treatment uses AQFIN, a specialist dry chemical powder, applied with compressed air at 5-10 Bar, to remove all fouling from the fin bundles without damage to the fins. There is no resultant distortion of the fins, even those of aluminum. The AQFIN powder cleans the entire bundle... not just the first layers of finned tubes. The AQFIN powder penetrates all the way through the bundles and removes the majority of the deposits (organic and inorganic) by maintaining kinetic energy through the entire bundle.

Cleaning is conducted on-line during normal operating conditions from below of air coolers, whilst individual fans are isolated, and doesn’t require scaffolding, entry to the housing, or removal of the safety net.

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