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About Dry Ice Cleaning


Why Dry ice Cleaning?

Cleaning in industrial environments presents a number of problems when using existing traditional methods. Sand blasting, solvent cleaning, high pressure and manual cleaning are often too aggressive, leaving a damaged cleaned surface or they are simply dangerous or polluting. Dry ice cleaning has been developed as an e cient, fast and environmentally friendly alternative cleaning method for virtually any type of material in a wide range of environments.

Dry Ice cleaning is a blasting technique similar to sand blasting. There is a dual advantage of using solid CO2 or dry ice pellets as a blasting material.

Firstly the very low temperature of the dry ice pellets causes the contamina- tion to freeze, resulting in the easy detachment of the contaminant from the substrate.

Secondly the dry ice pellets vaporize to carbon dioxide gas which means that only the original contaminant is left for disposal. This natural evaporation of dry ice pellets is a major advantage of the dry ice cleaning method.

Key Benefits:

  • Efective cleaning without water and chemicals
  • Short or no production stop
  • Cleans without damaging the substrate
  • Safe to use on electrical components
  • Fast cleaning method and no need to strip down the production machines
  • No noise nuisance or additional waste
  • Pellets do not conduct electricity
  • Dry Ice Cleaning can be used anywhere where water, sand or other cleaning products are not allowed: Dry Ice Blasting is a suitable technique for use on electrical machines and in the food industry



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